Hatches were battened as the winds and rain ripped through the night and a winter storm showed its power across the country. Now the weather has calmed but the aftermath has changed hunting conditions in your area. Here is how you handle this situation while others are left wondering how to get it done.

  1. New Water-The birds are left with an ocean of newly flooded areas in the wake of the storm. This is where relentless scouting will pay off. On public lands burn some fuel in your outboard and search the newly flooded areas. Previously dry areas may hold untapped food sources. The same applies for private lands, check the nooks and crannies for new pockets holding birds.

  2. Migration-Winter storms will have ducks and geese relocating into fresh areas and previously vacant spots can fill up in a hurry. Look for high flying groups and where they are heading. If they are not exactly on your spot you will still benefit from increased traffic.

  3. Go Big-Migrating birds are looking for concentrations so a large decoy spread with plenty of motion is the way to go. Also, lean on your call aggressively; tell those birds that this is the place to be. Several strong callers is even better, really make some noise and convince these new ducks and geese to join the party.