Everyone would love to have a private spot with a trailer full of decoys and birds pouring in on the wing. The reality is that not all of us can afford those luxuries. But there is no reason you can’t be successful without breaking the bank. Let’s look at the necessities that every waterfowl hunter must have.

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Hunting snow geese requires large decoy numbers but beyond that you can do a lot with a little. Ducks are hunted over huge spreads as well but a lot can be done with a dozen or two. What you need to focus on is realism with a small set. Buy decoys with exceptional paint schemes that are vibrant and feather detail that separates the plain from the ultra-realistic. Don’t get caught up in using only mallards. Spread diversification is a must; seldom do only one species of ducks use an area. Mixed species decoy packs are a good way to go to save money since you can purchase them in small quantities.

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Technology has radically changed the modern waterfowl garment. Gone are the heavy jackets and pants of yesteryear, today’s clothing is warmer, lighter, and more waterproof that ever before. This is an area where you need to buy the best you can afford to get the best value for your money. Banded has devoted much time and resources to bring you a wide range of clothing with multiple applications. SHEDS waterproof and breathable material combined with PrimaLoft insulation is a great combination offered in many Banded garments. What you need only depends on the conditions you normally hunt in. Use that as a guide to purchase what is right for you.

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Greenhead Gear Decoys


Dedicated goose hunters rarely need them but the vast majority of duck hunters have at least one pair. As with clothing, the name of the game in waders is warmth and comfort. Breathable is the new word in wading. Older style neoprene and canvas waders were cumbersome at best downright hard to maneuver in at worst. Once again, spend the money on a good pair and you will not regret it.

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Besides a good shotgun you will need a floating case to carry it in and a bag for your gear. There are many different bag styles out there from small to large so you just need to find one to fit your hunting style. After that find yourself a good pair of gloves for when temperatures plummet and you have your primary bases covered.

As time goes on you will find plenty of other items you can’t live without. Hunters are always dreaming of having the latest gadgets that are sure to put more game in the bag. But if you research what you buy, spend your money wisely, you can have all you need without taking out a second mortgage.

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