Pro-Grade FFD Elite Blue-Winged Teal


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One of the keys to successful duck hunting is finishing birds in close and a huge element of that is your decoy spread. There are all forms of configurations that work but you need two factors above all others to be effective. Those factors are realism and diversity. GHG Pro-Grade decoys offer both with ultra-realistic carvings and paint schemes and multiple versions and species. GHG is proud to introduce fully-flocked decoys to the Pro-Grade line. These are the ultimate attractors, flocked to eliminate decoy glare and replicate exact feather detail. GHG Decoy Systems, First in Finishing.

Pro-Grade FFD Blue-Winged Teal Included:

  • 1 high-head drake
  • 1 rester drakes
  • 1 surface feeder drake
  • 1 active hen
  • 1 rester hen
  • 1 feeder hen