Pro-Grade Full Body Snow/Blue Harvester Pack


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This decoy is the end of the evolution of the snow and blue decoy. Hunting for these wary waterfowl began over white paper plates and even diapers. Next came the plastic “rag” that was thrown on the ground. Windsocks came next and then we changed the game forever with the full-bodied snow and blue. We continued to perfect them and this is the ultimate snow and blue decoy!

Pro-Grade Full Body Snow/Blue Harvester Pack Features:

  • Two anatomically perfect body styles
  • 4 unique fixed head styles
  • RealMotion II® System adds flock movement with stakes
  • 4 adults and 2 juveniles per carton
  • Harvester pack: 5 snow feeders, 3 snow actives, 2 blue feeders, 2 blue actives