Pro-Grade XD Series Pintail – Harvester Pack


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Pro-Grade XD Series Pintail Harvester Pack

What species better to next get the XD treatment other than the Northern Pintail? Following in the footsteps of the popular XD Mallards, the XD Pintail Floating Decoys have redefined what an already great looking decoy can do when definition, pop, and realism are taken to the next level. Add in the DuraFeather soft body design to add realism and durability and these decoys will be sure to provide years of top-notch use in tricking the wariest of the puddlers.

  • 2 Active Drakes / 2 Rester Drakes / 2 Rester Hens
  • Drake 18 ¼” long x 6.5” wide
  • Hen 15” long x 6.5” wide