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Banded RedZone 2.0 Breathable Wader web parent image with model in wader in studio photo

RedZone 2.0 Breathable Insulated Wader

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Banded® RedZone 2.0 Breathable Wader - Insulated

The #1 Wader in Waterfowl for over a decade; Banded® RedZone Breathable Waders. Now, the best is even better with our second generation (2.0) models.

Years of hunting experience coupled with first-to-market product innovation led us to raise the standard in breathable hunting waders. We forever changed the game with the launch of our line of RedZone™ Breathable Waders in 2012. Heralded for superior comfort and trusted for all-conditions performance. Now, through our relentless pursuit of perfection, we’ve raised that bar even higher. From RedZone™ to RedZone™ 2.0, we’ve made the best wader even better. More comfort, more performance, more feature-packed details, and more durable than ever. From the RedZone 2.0 series on up to the Catalyst All-Season Breathable Wader in our ASPIRE Collection™ —— The Banded® line of Breathable Waders are the Most Technologically Advanced Waders in Waterfowl. And, it’s not even close. Our mission-statement: Be First, Be Best, Be Better serves as a beacon for our never-ending pursuit of perfection through innovation. All proudly displayed in our RedZone 2.0 Breathable Waders— Featuring the latest in cutting-edge fabric and seam technologies and unprecedented innovative-improvements from top-to-bottom, boot-to-buckle. You’re in for the best wading experience of your life.

Key Features of Banded RedZone 2.0 Insulated Waders:

    • RZ-ClinchFit™ Strap System with over-the-boot, removable protective pant connects with an easy-to-use built-in belt system, eliminating stitching, to provide long-lasting durability and sensational comfort.
    • Reconfigured anatomical seam mapping mirrors body movement, dramatically reducing seam fatigueGO-FlatSeam™ assembly with single stitch design provides an ultra-smooth, lay-flat surface to securely seat waterproof taping while reducing the total seam stitch-count by over 50%
    • RZ-Traction™ Boot is anatomically molded to match foot movement with a unique deep-fluted traction pattern that grips, flexes, and responds for maximum traction and stability
    • GO-3Layer™ fabric construction is lightweight and provides superior durability and performance
    • S.H.E.D.S™ Waterproof Breathable Technology
    • HARS™ Insulation Technology (with insulated models)
    • 1600-gram Thinsulate® Insulated Boot
    • Mobility-enhancing articulated knee design allows a maximum range of motion
    • Designated area for custom embroidering. A great spot for a name or hunting club logo. (Embroidery not included with purchase)
    • Fleece-lined hand-warmer chest pocket
    • Internal flip-up device pocket allows touch screen use while enclosed
    • 900D Reinforced Knee for maximum durability
    • Six easy grab shell loops on chest perfectly angled for natural arm rotation
    • Adjustable suspenders and belt for adaptability
    • Uninsulated Wader Comfort Rating: 32 F to 70 F Degrees
    • Insulated Wader Comfort Rating: -10 F to 50 F Degrees
    • NEW (2)Two-Year Full-Warranty of manufacturer defect on all RedZone 2.0 Waders (See Below For More Information on the Banded® RedZone 2.0 Wader warranty program, and what to expect with Breathable Waders. As well as insight for properly caring and storing your New, Banded Breathable Waders.)


At Banded we strive to manufacture the best possible product at an affordable price for the consumer. We are aware, however, that not every wader will make the grade. To protect your investment and ours, we offer a two-year warranty on RedZone 2.0 Waders to ensure customer satisfaction. The warranty is as follows: Banded guarantees RedZone 2.0 Breathable Waders against manufacturer’s defect for two years from the purchase date. All claims must be accompanied by proof of purchase showing clearly where and when the product was purchased. All warranty claims are exclusive to the original purchaser of the product and are void if transferred to another individual. Claims may require shipment of said product to Banded headquarters in Memphis, TN at the expense of the consumer. All replacement products will be shipped back to the consumer at Banded’s expense. Photos may be required to initiate the claim. Photos can be sent via e-mail, fax, or mail to an address provided by Banded Customer Service. Our customer support team can be reached Mon-Fri 8am-5pm Central Time at 1-800-333-5119 or info@banded.com


Expect greatness. Expect performance balanced with unprecedented comfort. But first, let’s geek out and get molecular about the reaction known as Condensation— the act or process of reducing gas or vapor to a liquid or solid form. Why? Banded® Breathable Waders offer ultralight, movement-enhancing fabric construction with supreme breathability and venting. The excess heat leaving your body travels outward and through the Wader (this is that whole Breathable thing we’ve been talkin’) - Occasionally, when the temperature is just right, vapor could be reduced to a liquid on the internal fabric surface. This can sometimes leave moisture on the under-garment, and is often most noticeable near the top of the boot where the insulation stops at the boot connection. Generally, you won’t even notice the condensation until after removing the waders following a hunt. Don’t be alarmed, this IS NOT a leak or product failure. In fact, this is proof the wader is functioning optimally, releasing excess heat while blocking out the cold. Ok, enough of that science slang. Let’s hunt - #JustGO


To ensure you get the most out of your new Banded® Breathable Waders, we recommend a thorough rinse after each use. By removing mud and other debris from the wader, you significantly reduce the possibility of potentially harming the material makeup of the wader. After cleaning, it is important to hang-dry waders in a temperature controlled environment using a boot style hanger such as Banded® Single & Double Boot Hangers. This will ensure proper moisture release while simultaneously minimizing stress points on the internal seams between use.

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including arsenic, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. Learn More about Prop65 here.