Warmth and moisture resistance without weight and bulk defines the perfect hunting garment. It is no mystery that goose down has long been the warmest insulation available. But when it is wet, it loses much of its warming properties. So the search began for a synthetic down that could handle the elements and come back for more. The United States military has long lead the way in innovative gear out of pure necessity. Soldiers need gear that goes far beyond what the average person needs. And since necessity is the mother of all invention, PrimaLoft® insulation was developed in the 1980’s.

You are looking for an insulated piece that leaves you set for a day outdoors. With a full set of performance features, and PrimaLoft® Silver Insulation does just that. Useful in many environments, the PrimaLoft® proprietary water-repellent finish keeps you warm when wet by maintaining its loft, but is breathable enough to stay in the comfort zone. A comfortable loft and feel provides warmth, while super-lightweight properties allow freedom of movement for whatever your day may deliver. Excellent packability frees up space for other gear – all combining to keep you in the sweet spot of comfort all day long.

PrimaLoft® combines the best of down with a weather resistance that makes it the ultimate in warmth and comfort. In the past, this insulation was used primarily in garments developed for the hiking and skiing industry. Now it has made its way into the hunting market in a big way. Gone are the days of heavy clothing that was effective but uncomfortable and hard to shoot in as staples in waterfowl hunting. Banded has embraced this technology in a big way, incorporating PrimaLoft® into premium hunting apparel.

This is clothing tailored for the 21st century hunter. Not that tradition doesn’t have its place, innovation just makes it a better experience.