3 Off-Season Decoy Care Tips

///3 Off-Season Decoy Care Tips

It’s summer, it’s hot, and the thought of tossing decoys in frigid water on a crisp fall day weighs heavily on our minds. As waterfowler’s, we’re constantly looking for ways to pass the time until season.  Often times, we resort to preparing our gear for the upcoming season – we start with decoys.  Nothing revolutionary here, just a helpful reminder from your friends at Banded.

1. Check for Duds

Remember back to December when you took your in-laws along on the hunt – the time when your wife’s brother water-swatted a spoonbill and about 13 of your finest decoys? Those decoys are probably still mixed-in to your collection. Time to get those out for repair or retirement – it’ll save a frustrating trip out to the spread to capture a sinking decoy this fall.

2. Get ’em Lined Up

Weights fall off, decoy line separates, and so on. Decoys must be anchored and your boat is way to cluttered with “junk” to carry around decoys that will float astray, right? Wrap your decoys up with line and weights, and be ready come game-day.

Mallard Duck Mallard textures

3. Coverage

Keep those things covered up. No sense in spending the first hour of light washing the dust from your decoys opening day. We make a slotted decoy bag that features a dust cover (more info on that here) – possibly the simplest way to keep your investment clean and in good working order.

We offer a full selection of Decoy Accessories – from line and weight to decoy bags and everything in between. Check it them out HERE.

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