4 Tips to Fool More Birds Instantly

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Fool More Birds Instantly

As experienced hunters we all should know the recipe for waterfowl hunting success. Find the birds, get where they want to be, and do your best to bring them into range. But it never is that simple or very seldom at the very least. Paying attention to the small details is often the difference along with going the extra mile to be successful.

Make sure nothing is out of place  

I know that sounds easy enough but it is a must. Waterfowl are very aware of their surroundings. Just like big game animals and can spot just a little bit of anything that does not look right. Review your blind setup and then look at it some more to see if anyone or anything in your hunting party can be spotted. Remember that the birds have the advantage with the high angle they are looking from so take that into consideration.

Use shadows as much as possible  

This is not possible on cloudy days of course but on clear ones use the sun to help you hide. Setting up on the east side of a location will always put the glare in the bird’s eyes and make it harder for them to spot your blind.

Do not move

You must limit your movements as much as possible when birds are swinging and looking at your hide. When I say limit you must be completely still as any movement spotted out of place will send birds flaring. Only move when they are flying away from you or sliding on the side. If you are in a ground blind, make sure you head is not swiveling when birds are on final approach.

Let ‘em come

It’s easy to get anxious when birds are on the edge of effective range. If you have done your job and are well concealed, let them take a final pass and close the distance to within 30 yards. This will cut down on cripples and bird loss. You just need the discipline to not shoot early.

We all love to have our hunts end with photos of smiling faces and heavy straps. Pay closer attention to the little things and your photo collection will grow.

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