The One Tactic You Need To Use This Turkey Season
You’ve done your homework, roosted that big gobbler, and put yourself in the perfect spot before dawn. Done deal right? Well, maybe if he is in the right mood and follows the plan. But any experienced turkey hunter knows mature toms are very unpredictable. So you are in position, he gobbles on the tree. He answers your call and flies down at dawn. He gobbles again, once, twice, ten times. But he isn’t coming any closer. He expects that hen to come to him and not the other way around. Now you hear him gobble again in another location moving away from you. What went wrong? Nothing really, he is just being a turkey. Now try this. Head quickly straight to the spot where he flew down and began gobbling. Get into position there and give a quick yelp. Get ready because many times he will turn right around and head back to the hen he thought wasn’t coming to him. Boom!!!

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