Snow Geese: Who Brings Them In 20 Yards Closer?

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Snow Geese Flying

Snow Geese: Who Brings Them In 20 Yards Closer?


The hunter paying attention to every detail, that’s who. It’s a fine line between geese at 50 yard range and closing the distance to 30. Let’s examine what the consistent killers of these difficult to hunt waterfowl do that others don’t.

1) They do their homework-Snows are wary to be sure but they are also creatures of habit. The smart snow goose hunter pays close attention to routines. They also focus their scouting on first light, not in the afternoon. There is no way to know how they will react when coming off the roost and how they move in the early morning unless you are there to witness it. Far too many people focus on the afternoon feeds without having any idea of what the geese did as they greeted the day.

2) They study their prey-Watch how a flock moves, feeds, how other geese approach them. Do it under different winds as well. Replicate their spacing and flock formations.

3) They know how weather conditions affect the geese-North winds versus south, high winds versus light, sun versus clouds, taking into account how this will change the bird’s behavior. You have to take the good with the bad; some weather situations are just not conducive to close range action.

4) They adapt-The consistent killers have the tricks down pat. They don’t allow themselves to get locked into one method. They change decoys, they add or subtract motion, they raise or lower caller volume, they go old school in white suits, and they hide anyway they can. The use the topography of the land to their advantage and they are not afraid to abandon plan A and try plan B and even C.

5) They persevere-Snows will frustrate the most seasoned hunter. Sometimes nothing seems to work at all. But the best have optimism on their side and they know that a slow day can turn hot quickly. They don’t give up and they don’t get discouraged. That is the mark of a true snow hunter.

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