Waterfowling has certainly changed in the past fifteen years; there is no disputing this fact. In the past hunters seldom knew what was going on around the country as far as duck and goose migrations were concerned. Sure, some folks had a friend or two up the flyway that they kept in touch with but the vast majority was in the dark. The internet has changed that. Now many outlets are available to see what is happening with bird movement from the prairies of Canada to the Louisiana marsh country.

Each week the combined Banded /Avery Pro-Staff submit reports with vital information regarding the hunting conditions in their local area. Topics such as weather, feeding conditions, species seen and harvested and recent migrations are discussed in detail. This is a valuable tool giving hunters in that region a good picture of overall conditions and hunters to the south an idea of what is on the way.

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Posted at the end of the week beginning in mid-September and ending the first week of February. Take advantage of these reports, they will let you know the where, when, why, and how the season is progressing so you can maximize your precious time in the field.