We all have been there, a flock appears on the horizon and you need to give them a quick blast on the call to draw their attention. You place the call to your lips and……nothing happens. The birds keep on trucking and you want to throw the call to the bottom of the river. Here are some tips to keep your calls from locking up.

  • Maintain the call-You keep your guns clean, you boat motor serviced, your dog ready to hunt but your calls hang on your lanyard neglected year after year. Keeping them clean is easy enough. Remove the call from the lanyard and soak the parts in some warm water with just a little soap added. This will loosen any debris from the call. Rinse thoroughly and reassemble. Every few years the cork and reed will need to be replaced, most call makers offer these for sale or they will recondition the call for a small fee if you send it to them.
  • When the temps fall-Cold temps can affect the call by freezing the condensation inside the call from use. Try putting you calls inside your jacket when not in use as they will stay warmer against your chest and lees likely to freeze up.
  • Wax-A light coating of wax will allow the reed to shed water better. Lip products are good for this, don’t overdo it, just a very light coat placed on both sides of the reed will do the job.
  • Money-Running a bill between the reed and tone board will free up that area quickly. You can use any sort of flat paper but most folks have money with them that will work great.Shop our full line of waterfowl hunting products – Click Here