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Banded Black Label Wader

Banded is pleased to introduce their Black Label Waders, the best waterfowl waders ever made. They combine stitch minimizing Arc Welded Technology with SHEDS waterproof and breathable [...]

Banded Jerk Flag System

Banded Jerk Flag System A decoy spread lacking motion is ineffective at best, repellent at worst. The Jerk Flag System [...]

About the RedZone Wader

RedZone Wader the #1 Waterfowl Wader

Axe Combo Boat/Shore Blind Timelapse Setup

Team Banded member showing us how easy it is setting up the Axe Combo Boat/Shore Blind. [...]

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Day 60 – Fall

Day 60 - Fall

Day 60 – One More

Day 60 "One More"

Incredible Mallard Corn Field Hunt

The Fowl Life team showing us an incredible mallard duck corn field hunt in South Dakota. The guys don't give up [...]

Bobcat Attacks a Turkey Hunter

This bobcat stalks the hunter, sizes him up, and then, "quick as a cat" - it attacks. What do you [...]

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