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3 Training Tips For Dog Owners at Home.

3 Training Tips For Dog Owners at Home.

3 Tips all Dog Owners could practice while exercising an extended stay-at-home (Such as a Quarantine effort against COVID-19.)

We asked professional dog trainer, Brad Arington of Mossy Pond Retrievers for some tips to keep us proactive while battling COVID-19 by staying at-home. His suggestions below...

1. Indoor "Place" Command

In our opinion, this is an essential command for any indoor pup! We recommend teaching the Place Command with the aid of a “place board” (i.e., rug, blanket, towel, dog bed, etc.) The dog will learn to lay down or sit down on the “place” command and stay until called off.

2. Indoor "Down" Command

This command is so valuable, especially with large breed animals. The dog learns to lay down and stay until told otherwise. (See Video Example Below.)

3. Push/Pull Drill

Push/pull drill aids in teaching and practicing to swing with the gun.

This drill teaches the dog to stay positioned safely beside you. The dog will learn to back-up to position when told to “heel” and move forward to the desired location when signaled with the “here” command. As a result, the dog will increase accuracy while marking birds as they fall by staying with you, the hunter, and the gun barrel. This position drill also instills staying placed properly behind the muzzle for safety during the hunt.

For more information on Brad Arington and his services at Mossy Pond Retrievers - CLICK HERE

You can also watch this short film with an inside look at Mossy Pond Retrievers world-class dog training facility: CLICK HERE
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