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5 Essentials for the Turkey Woods

5 Essentials for the Turkey Woods

Dressing for a turkey hunt is no challenge. Dressing for a turkey hunt AND remaining comfortable throughout the entire hunt is another story, and often results in "I wish I would have brought this... or I wish I wouldn't have worn this". Until now. This super-simple guide to dressing/packing for the turkey woods is sure to keep you in the hunt and comfortable.

1. Wicking Next-to-Skin Layer
The single most crucial piece to your layering system. Whether the temperature is high or low, moving moisture (sweat) away from the skin is the key to comfort. Evaporation (sweat) mixed with Convection (wind) is the exact combination that will leave you with the chills. Walking and sitting (turkey hunting) will produce those uncomfortable moments of feeling sweaty and potentially cold. Using a next-to-skin layer that breathes and manages moisture will combat these processes and be your foundation for comfort throughout the hunt. The Banded Tec Stalker Series provides options for moisture management that can be worn as standalone pieces or as the base of your layering system.

2. Lightweight, Breathable Outer-Layer with Durable Water-Repellent (DWR) finish
Just on top of your next-to-skin layer, lightweight outer-layers provide added protection from brush, early morning dew and kneeling/sitting on hard ground. A garment constructed of breathable fabrics, enhanced with ripstop technology and reinforced wear areas is ideal. The Banded Lightweight/Midweight Technical Turkey Shirt and Pant provide all of this. They are packed with features that include: breathable ripstop fabric, with reinforced elbows, knees, and rears for water-resistant protection and integrated venting capabilities.

3. Packable Pullover for Warmth
Use this layer for warmth-management. Ideally, this is a layer that can be worn throughout the entirety of the hunt or removed part way through and easily packed and stowed in your turkey vest. The Banded Tec Fleece series is a great choice for this layer. The Tec Fleece series excels at providing protection from wind and sealing in warmth.

4. All-Weather Facemask

Keeping your face covered for concealment is essential. Finding a mask with full-coverage that can be worn in high or low temps is a challenge. The face mask should provide breathability as well as moisture wicking capabilities to keep you dry, comfortable and focused. The Banded Performance Face Mask is all of that and more.

5. Turkey Vest for Handsfree Storage
Find a turkey vest that holds your gear, keeping it all easily accessible and works with your layering system by providing lightweight, durable exterior fabric with vented mesh backing to enhance evaporation and assist in moving moisture away from your skin. Banded Turkey Vests provide handy gear storage, brush-busting durability, and proper ventilation. Also equipped with integrated game bags (good storage for packable pullovers) safety flag, and a padded foam memory seat that easily pulls down and folds up when you need it.

Bonus Tip: Lightweight Turkey Gloves. Banded Performance Turkey Gloves provide breathability in a lightweight moisture-wicking fabric. Enhanced with a non-slip palm grip and touch points for device use with gloves in-use.

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