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Are Your Decoys Working For You?

Are Your Decoys Working For You?

duck decoys

Decoys have come a long way. Thirty years ago the choices were few, the quality average, and the realism weak at best. Now the selection is vastly improved. Varied poses, vivid paint schemes, extreme feather detail, these are the norm and not the exception in duck and goose decoys. So why are you still using the same old spread? Here are several reasons to consider buying new decoys.

Sun Damage

Over time ultraviolet rays can damage everything exposed to them. Decoy paint is no exception so the bright colors they displayed when new become dull and lifeless with use. This is especially apparent to waterfowl late in the season when plumage is full and the colors really pop on the real thing.


A water decoy issue only. Decoys are shot, mishandled, even stepped on and small to large leaks in the body are the result. They can be re-sealed but that never lasts forever.


Study flocks of waterfowl and one thing jumps out at you. They are never static, constant movement is the rule. Using the active pose only of yesteryear looks like what it is, not real. Today’s decoys are a combination of active, resting, feeding, and sleeping poses.

goose decoy.

Real goose standing next to GHG decoy. Photo by Nathan Bender.


Today’s decoys are molded from the exquisite carvings of decorated champions in that field. Their skilled hands can duplicate a live bird down to the slightest detail. Why use something that doesn’t look alive?

Success and failure are separated by a thin line in most cases. Those that work harder and pay attention to the little things come out on top. Get rid of those tired decoys and watch your straps become heavier and your moods better after every hunt.

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