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It's In Our Blood - A Waterfowl Film That Unites Us

It's In Our Blood - A Waterfowl Film That Unites Us

Duck hunting captivates many with its mesmerizing sunrises and the thrill of a dog's retrieve. Yet, for the guides at Honey Brake, who embrace it almost every single day, it transcends mere affection. It isn’t just love that nudges them awake at 3 A.M., shields them from nature's unpredictability, or helps them persist through icy conditions. For these devoted waterfowlers, it's an ingrained passion.

Join the Honey Brake crew and witness the detailed planning, skilled execution, and unwavering dedication required to deliver an unforgettable waterfowling experience. We're proud to live this life and we're excited to take part and share this amazing short film: It's In Our Blood.

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This is one of the best gosh darn waterfowl films I’ve ever seen!

Andy Murray,

I just can’t wait for it to start again 😁

Kenny Conway,

I’ll let you know how this trip turns out, when we get back.

Thomas Lapham,

Enjoyed the film, getting ready to head to Drummond Island in the northern part of Michigan to do some duck hunting November 1st. Been hunting ducks up there with the brother-in-law and his brother close to 50 years now. Also, with my 3 sons and 3 grandsons. They all look forward to it.

Tom Lapham,

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