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The 5 Best Turkey Calling Tips

The 5 Best Turkey Calling Tips

When things get tough, these are the 5 tactics you should have in your turkey calling arsenal.

Turkey hunter in Banded Technical Turkey Gear wearing Realtree Timber camouflage uses a slate and striker to call in a Gobbler.

1. Wake 'Em Up

If you know they're still up in the trees, Hit 'em with a couple of notes and let them know you're there. Get on their mind before they set sail and leave the limb.

2. Listen to the Hens

If the hens are reactive, focus on luring them in. Tom will follow.

3. Not Too Much, Not Too Little

Give them Just Enough to get a response. Let them tell the story, the Who, What, Why, Where, and When. Listen for the volume, frequency, and location of their gobbles. Then give them the hook and let them come looking for you.

4. Variety of Vocals

Try them all. If one doesn't work, give 'em a different flavor: slate-calls, box-calls, diaphragm-calls, etc. Sometimes a little different sound is all it takes to get the reaction you're hoping for.

5. Make Some Noise

If all else fails, don't be afraid to turn up the dial with some aggressive calling. Cutting and aggressive yelping will often turn-on a Gobbler that isn't responding to quiet, soft sounds.

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