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At Banded Hunting Gear, we are not just participants in innovation—we are the architects. With a history steeped in groundbreaking advances, we proudly stand as the original pioneers of breathable, waterfowl wader technology. Today, we proudly introduce three groundbreaking advancements in hunting apparel: Phantom X Series, Black Label ELITE Series, and ASPIRE Collection Breathable Waders These waders offer the best fit, unparalleled comfort, and remarkable durability—our finest creations to date. From the originator of breathable hunting waders to your doorstep, the best just got even better. Embrace the evolution of hunting waders.


Devin Singleton

These are hands down the best waders that Banded has ever made. They've streamlined the fit, reduced the bulk, and added durability. I spent the entire '23 season in them with the conclusion: Game Changers!

Phil Kahnke

As someone who spends nearly 100 days a year in Waders, I am beyond excited about the changes made to the new Banded Waders. I’m a slimmer, smaller-framed guy and love the new fit and ease of mobility. I was able to test them out throughout the 2023 duck hunting and photography season and couldn’t be more pleased with them.

Rusty Creasey

From the day I joined team Banded, I wanted to help develop a better fitting, more reliable wader. After numerous meetings and discussions, the new wader design is exactly that. Unbelievable fit, tough, and not nearly as hard on the pocketbook as the competition. I can't wait for y'all to try the new wader line!!!

Josh Dokken

Having pioneered breathable waterfowl hunting waders, we've faced the challenges and refined our designs through real-world experience. Identifying the pain points from you the hunter, and engineering solutions. Take it from the Original, this latest line of waders from Banded is our best yet.

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