H.E.A.T Insulated Glove

$109.99 $55.00

$109.99 $55.00
  • Bottomland
  • MAX5
  • Timber
UPC: #N/A SKU: 1070008


  • 3-level adjustable heating element
  • 100-g Primaloft Silver premium insulation

*Batteries sold separately

BANDED® H.E.A.T.™ Battery Info:

The Banded® H.E.A.T.™ gloves only require a battery with 1 USB port and need a battery sized small enough to fit into the pocket on gloves. Below is a battery that we’ve tested that fits in the gloves. When purchasing batteries for the Banded® H.E.A.T.™ Gloves, you will need to buy (2) TWO batteries (one for each glove.)